Pedestrian permit ceremony and concert

On Friday May 13, 2023, CE2 pupils were invited to Salle Gaveau to receive their pedestrian license.

We were congratulated by the Mayor of the 8th arrondissement, Jeanne d’Hauteserre, and by police officers.

And, a source of great pride for the teacher, all the CE2 pupils obtained their pedestrian permit!

What is the pedestrian permit?

The pedestrian permit in France is a educational program for children aged 8 to 11, designed to promote road safety and instill good pedestrian habits. It aims to make children aware of the dangers of road traffic and teach them how to behave safely as pedestrians. Children learn about basic traffic rules, road signs and how to cross streets safely. This helps them avoid accidents and develop a heightened awareness of their own safety.


The pedestrian permit program aims to reduce the number of accidents involving pedestrians by teaching them basic skills for crossing streets, using crosswalks and being aware of their surroundings. By giving them the tools they need to assess road situations and make safe decisions, the pedestrian permit helps prevent accidents and protect children’s lives.

By developing their knowledge of road safety from an early age, children are better prepared to deal with traffic situations.


The pedestrian permit encourages children to take responsibility for their own safety as pedestrians. They become more responsible participants, aware of their behavior on the roads. It also promotes mutual respect between pedestrians and other road users.

Parents too!

Finally, this program extends the knowledge acquired by children to their family environment. Parents are informed of the skills and behaviours their children have learned, facilitating the ongoing practice of good road safety habits at home and in the community.

We were also lucky enough to attend a concert by musicians from the Paris Prefecture.

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