Our History

A short history of the school « Saint Pierre de Chaillot » from the 19th century to our time

This endearing family-sized preschool and elementary school in Paris 8th district has its roots in the early 19th century in the dedicated work of the Daughters of Wisdom congregation. Installed in the Chaillot neighborhood since 1811, they were, according to circumstances, medical nurses, teachers, helpers, providing relief to the poor, the sick and wounded, while educating the children coming by.

Built in 1874

Following numerous installations and ousting decided by the successive civil authorities, the construction of a permanent school building was at last decided towards 1874 by the parish-priest of the time, Father Charles, and financed by volunteer contributions of parishioners. The land purchase, at 10 rue Christophe Colomb, on July13, 1875, was approved by the king, and on Dec 8th 1876, the first stone was sealed, during a snow fall ! 

Carte postale - Ecole maternelle et primaire Saint-Pierre de Chaillot (Paris 8, Paris 16)

Christophe Colomb Street, in the 8ème arrondissement of Paris

Under the protection of Sainte-Geneviève

On Oct 19th October 1876 was the grand opening, with a double activity of charities and education for children, under the protection of Sainte Geneviève (420~502 AD). That was its first name, still engraved on the facade. Sainte Genevieve is the patron saint of Paris : per the tradition she managed by her mere determination to deter Attila from conducting the siege of Paris. Genevieve also inspired Sainte Clotilde and Clovis during the Arianism heresy.

During the XXth century

The nun’s house avoided administrative closure after French laws of 1901 and 1904, but nevertheless had to temporary close the school in Sept 1913. Ousted in July 1914, they came back a few months later, at the beginning of WW1. They then faithfully served ever since, across several generations, until 1995. 

The building is now the property of the ACEA Sainte Clotilde, a charity catholic association.

Vierge à l'enfant - Ecole maternelle et primaire Saint-Pierre de Chaillot (Paris 8, Paris 16)