Un éveil à la Foi chrétienne​

Awakening a child to the Faith means accompanying them in their discovery of God, introducing them to the Christian life through prayer, feasts and rites. It means helping them to become aware of the treasure of love that God has placed in their hearts, and inviting them to encounter it. Awakening to Faith and awakening to Life are in fact inseparable.

Throughout the year, all pupils from nursery school to CE1 discover the Bible and the life of Jesus, with age-appropriate activities.

It’s important to help children grow in their intellectual, human and spiritual dimensions, and to deepen their desire to know God and to pray.

These catechist-led discussions take place in small groups on Friday mornings at the Saint Pierre de Chaillot parish.

The sacrament of First Communion is offered to CM1 pupils.

It combines history, geography and the arts to help students discover different religions.
It’s a time for living together and sharing our common, universal values.
These exchanges take place in small groups, to give children the chance to express themselves and open up to others.