Tuition Fees and financial rules

Financial rules for 2022-2023

Yearly contribution

  • Contribution: 1300 euros / Child
  • APEL : 28 euros / Family
  • Compulsory Insurance: 10 euros / Child


A 30% fee reduction applies to families, at 3rd and following children registered in our school

Advance payment

Advance payment disbursed at registration or re-registration (140 €) is deducted from the yearly total. Such amount is not refundable except in the case of family moving, upon special written request.

Outings and activities

Proposed outings organized during school time such as “discovery class” may be invoiced in addition, at cost.

Lunch at canteen (Yearly contribution per child)

  • 1 meal  / week: 258 euros
  • 2 meals / week: 516 euros
  • 3 meals / week: 774 euros
  • 4 meals / week: 1032 euros
  • 5 meals / week: 1290 euros (if registered to school recreation center)
Exceptional meal: 9 euros

Schedule change is only accepted at the end of each quarter for the next one.  Absence beyond 5 days only is refundable, upon presentation of a medical certificate.

Supervised study – Daycare (per child)

  • 1 day per week: 200 euros
  • 2 days per week: 400 euros
  • 3 days per week: 600 euros
  • 4 days per week: 800 euros
Exceptional Daycare: 8 euros
Exceptional Study: 8 euros

Schedule change is accepted only at the end of each quarter for the next one.

All delays beyond 18h will be invoiced 8 € per 15 min.

Out-of-schedule meals and daycare/study will be invoiced by email at quarter end.

Invoices will be sent by email at quarter end.

Payment by personal check or wire transfer.