English Language

Be ready!

L’anglais prend une place de plus en plus importante dans nos vies. Il est aujourd’hui indispensable de pouvoir comprendre et s’exprimer couramment dans cette langue universelle. Maîtriser l’anglais ouvre de multiples portes. Il est donc indispensable de commencer.

Une progression est donc élaborée de la petite section de maternelle au CM2. Nous avons à cœur d’arriver dès janvier 2023 à une pratique quotidienne de l’anglais dans toutes le classes.

Project 2023-2024 - Learning English through Co-Facilitation

  • More English hours in kindergarten through fifth grade
  • Co-teaching of other subjects with an English-speaking teacher
  • In partnership with Language Connexion

The teaching team and the management would like to present an innovative pedagogical project in English, which will be implemented for the school year 2023/2024. This project consists of integrating more hours of English practice into the current school program from the beginning of kindergarten to the end of elementary classes through the intervention of an English intern.

This project will allow students to have daily English with a native English speaker and to take subjects such as sports, art, science, and world issues in the language of Shakespeare through a co-learning program.

An English language assistant will be present in the classroom with your child’s teacher several times a week to conduct bilingual activities.

What’s the point?

In addition to this program, the children will continue to receive mandatory English classes with an English teacher during school time which can be reinforced by the English intern to strengthen their level.
Students will use the knowledge they have gained in English classes to benefit other subjects: Art, Sports, Science, World Issues.

L’enseignement de disciplines non linguistiques en anglais est un atout fort des sections européennes des collèges et lycées, qui a tout intérêt à être mis en place au plus tôt pour en tirer un maximum de bénéfices dans l’apprentissage de la langue car une langue vivante a besoin d’être utilisée en situation réelle et au quotidien.

What is co-facilitation in English?

It is a 50% English and 50% French intervention, in the same time-space, for the same students, by two adults with a teaching mission. It can take place at several levels of pedagogical action and take several forms in the classroom.
The teacher and the English trainee co-intervene during the session while following the National Education curriculum. The role of the English trainee is to reformulate in English the concepts introduced by the teacher and to make the students think in English through questions and answers.

Beyond Co-Facilitation…

The English intern is more than a simple speaker, he becomes a full member of the educational team. He/she is present during consultation with the teachers and can supervise recess and canteen time. Through contact with the English trainee in their daily lives, the children integrate English more easily and use it in their daily lives.

What are the benefits for children?

  • Allows children to speak English on a daily basis
  • Allows children to learn English in a natural way through another subject
  • Allows children to be in contact with a native English speaker and to acquire the right accent at an early age
  • Allows children to discover and exchange on Anglo-Saxon culture

What are the stages of its implementation?

We are writing to you today to inform you of this project and of our desire to help your child benefit from it in an economic and European context where English is becoming a priority for the future of our children.

This project seems to us to represent an interesting opportunity for the establishment and the children. It is in line with the pedagogical trend established over the last ten years, which tends to introduce children to other foreign languages from the first years of school by increasing the number of hours of English instruction in a consistent and more appropriate way to obtain real results.

Of course, theteaching staff and I are available to discuss this and to obtain more information about our partner Language Connexion.