Developing self-confidence through music

The aim of our music sessions is to make children aware of the language of music and the sound environment around them, so that they can make it their own to explore, express themselves and discover the world.

This work promotes
By respecting and reinforcing individuality, we take advantage of differences to develop concentration, listening skills, group awareness and mutual enrichment.

The main themes worked on throughout the year are :
musical culture

Here’s a brief description of each area worked on, adapted to each level:

Voice and singing

Using a varied repertoire, children work on accuracy, unison and shared breathing, so they can enjoy themselves and sing together. Through vocal exploration, children become aware of their own voice and body.

Polyphony is introduced as early as first grade.

The rhythm

Through body-listening and body-percussion activities, children develop the sensation of pulsating musical time. It links movement, gesture and sound.

From first grade onwards, children play rhythmic games with instruments.


The invention of musical sequences and the collective creation of songs help students to know how to propose and respect their role within a joint performance or creation.

From first grade onwards, musical play and composition are linked through the discovery of musical works.

Musical culture

It’s all about discovering musical instruments. Children should be able to describe music and acquire musical vocabulary appropriate to each level.

By the time they reach CE2, children are learning to situate music and musical styles in a historical and cultural context. Music lessons last 45 minutes and take place once a week for each class. These sessions are part of class projects, and at the end of the year we put on a concert presentation.

Don’t hesitate to ask your child to show you what he or she has done with music. He’ll be able to train and share with his family at the same time.

Music sessions are led by Nicolas Moreno, musician, author, composer, performer and teacher. He works in all classes.